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Authentic Aspire USB Charger 500 mA

Aspire USB Charger - 500mA

This has a standard 510 thread screw in connection so can be used to charge any battery with a 510 thread connection. 

500mA Version: This is recommended for any battery with less than a 2000mAh capacity

Input: DC 5V 500mA;

Output: DC 4.2V;420 mA


  • Cable length 15cm approx
  • 500mA output
  • eGo/510 connector to male USB
  • Genuine Aspire



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Aspire was founded in 2013, established in Los Angeles, and has quickly become one of the best-known vaping brands in the world today with many online reviewers talking about Aspire products. Best known for their Nautilus line of tanks, Aspire produce tanks and mods to suit every vaper, whether they're experienced or just starting out. From their high performance Cleito to the endlessly versatile Triton 2, Aspire’s diverse range of products offers something for everybody.

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