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KINGSTON E-Liquid Vape 500 ML 0mg  All Bottles are 0mg



A Heisenberry and Red A combo


To make 3mg only use 2 x 10ml 1.8mg nicotine shots per 100ml of liquid. This will then give you 120ml = 3mg after you've added the 2 x 10ml nicotine shots into the 100ml liquid, Carfully measure out 100ml from the 500ml bottle. 

With the 500ml bottle you will get 5 x 100ml out of this allowing you to make 5 bottles of 100ml after adding the 2 x 10ml nicotine shots in will make it 120ml 

the price for 3mg wll be a little higher to cover the cost of the 10 nicotine shots sent


Kingston Eliquids will no longer be using the words Heisen, Heisenberg or Heisenberry in their flavour descriptions due to a trademark infringement. Our great flavours are now called Zingberry.

you may see a change in the labels moving forward 

SKU: BM-500-CB

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VG: 70% Vegetable Glycerin

PG: 30% Propylene Glycol

Produced in the UK

kINGSTON offer a fantastic range of premium eliquids and juices from some of the UK’s leading brands.

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